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Working together against organised crime at Schiphol Airport

Organised crime tries to exploit Schiphol Airport and the people who work there for such purposes as theft and smuggling. This is why the Tax and Customs Administration, Customs, FIOD, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Public Prosecution Service, Police, RIEC North Holland, KLM and Schiphol Group have been working together for a long time to tackle subversive crime and abuse at Schiphol Airport. Other companies also make a contribution by erecting barriers against crime. Together, we keep the airport safe and honest. The report "Subversion at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" confirmed the urgency of this issue and further intensified the collaboration.

Companies at Schiphol

Do you have a business at Schiphol Airport? If so, you are also an important link in keeping the airport safe. With a clear code of conduct and a reporting procedure, but also by training your staff with an access pass, signs of undermining can be recognized and employees at the airport know who to contact if they have questions or wish to report possible abuses.

We protect ourselves, each other and our airport. We give criminals no chance.

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Sights set on organized crime

Download below an article on tackling undermining at Schiphol, which appeared in the government publication "Vizier op georganiseerde misdaad 2022.

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