Frequently asked questions

What is subversion? What can I do? And how do I do it?

Below are answers to these types of questions. Is your question not included? Then contact your employer.

What is subversion at the airport?

Subversion is organised crime where the underworld organises illegal activities through the law-abiding part of society. Schiphol Airport consists of two areas. A public area (landside) where everyone is allowed access, and an area for employees with a personal access pass (airside). Criminals are interested in using Schiphol to transport drugs, people, luxury items or money from airside to landside. Criminal organisations abuse daily operations, facilities and legal structures (such as companies, permits and regulations) for this purpose, so that it is less conspicuous.

What can I do to keep the airport safe?

Be aware that you may be in a vulnerable position airside and landside. And discuss or report things that you find strange. Your employer is obliged to provide you with a safe workplace. There is even a code of conduct for this in your company. You can report things to your own manager. If you are unwilling or unable to do so, you can also contact a confidential advisor in your organisation.

How do you know when you are doing it right?

By far the majority of colleagues working at Schiphol Airport act with integrity. They follow their employer's codes of conduct when it comes to desirable behaviour. Do you have financial problems? Or is there another reason why you think you are susceptible or vulnerable to temptation by criminals? Then please talk about it in your organisation. You can always turn to a confidential advisor.

What should I do if I see or hear something suspicious?

Contact your manager, confidential advisor or report it anonymously. Only then can employers together ensure that Schiphol remains safe for you too. In this way, you will be helping to tackle crime.

Is there any point in reporting this kind of thing?

It’s always a good idea to report suspicious behaviour. Every employer follows a protocol that comes into effect after someone makes a report. Anonymous reporting is also possible. What happens depends on the type of report. This can range from an internal change, such as not being able to switch duty rosters, to a criminal investigation.

What will be done with my report?

Every report is taken seriously. Sometimes it can lead to an intervention. Reports ensure that possible abuses at the airport are brought to light, so that action can be taken. In this way, we keep the airport safe.

I am involved in subversive activity and want out, what now?

Contact the confidential advisor in your organisation as soon as possible. Together you will examine which steps you need to take to make your personal situation safer.

Which parties are working together to tackle subversion?

The Tax and Customs Administration, Customs, FIOD, Haarlemmermeer municipality, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Public Prosecution Service, Police, RIEC North Holland, KLM and Schiphol Group have been working together for a long time to tackle subversive crime and abuse at Schiphol Airport. Other companies also make a contribution by erecting barriers against crime. Together, we keep the airport strong. The report "Subversion at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" confirmed the urgency of this issue and further intensified the collaboration.

Seen something suspicious? Report it!

Have you ever experienced something unusual? There are several ways to report it. We will be happy to tell you what suits your situation best.

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